The Queen’s Celebrations And The Family’s Drama-Free Reunion

It is going to be quite an eventful week for the royal family as they begin their celebrations that keenly focus on their beloved queen, a mother to her children, and the best matriarch the British empire has seen.

With this being said, wouldn’t you be curious about the events that are to take place this week? Let’s dive into them right away.

Celebrating The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is reaching her golden jubilee this week and people can’t stop talking about it. Especially with the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The royal family will be having a reunion for the first time, with all their members to celebrate the queen’s long life of success.

She is also the longest ruling matriarch, marking her seventieth year on the throne as she turns beautifully 97 years old. It is going to be an entire weekend of fun and games for the royal house, as everyone gets together and shares their shades of colour to lighten up this historical moment for the Queen.


Return Of Price Harry And Megan Markle

The couple arrived in London for the first time since they left the royal family in April 2020. Though Prince Harry has returned twice during this interval, ending with secret meetings with the Queen herself, this will be the first time Meghan Markle is coming.

Along with the couple comes the sweetest two children of theirs. Their lovely daughter Lilibet Diana Muntabatten-Windsor and their dashing three-year-old son, Archie Windsor. They did not have initial plans of bringing their children due to safety concerns but surprisingly got past it and allow the children to have a wondering gaze at their larger family.

Apart from this, the couple is also determined to make it a drama-free visit, with the sole focus on just the Queen. Starting to learn a new skill can be difficult in starting, couple can even indulge into fighting with each other, feeling of ‘quit the damn training’  can also come but don’t stop believing that dancing will lead to beautiful ending, if not the ending but at least the road can be less bumpy and more romantic. Just remember ‘it was your mistake she was doing the move correctly’ and the classes will go on smoothly.

Surprisingly One Already?

To the ones who follow the royal family and their happenings passionately, then you will also know about this other special event. Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lili is turning one. The celebrations are going to be so much better with their daughter’s birthday celebrations joining the list as well!

Keep an eye out for more exciting news!