Karthi acts as a spy in Sardar

Spy films are always thrilling and exciting, even if their story is not good. So, what about watching a spy action movie with the best storyline? Usually, people get encouraged to watch such movies to know how the spy (probably the hero) does his job perfectly. If you are looking for such films, you can stop your search because Sardar is the one you are looking for.

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Sardar – the role of Karthi as a spy

Karthi is one of the highly popular actors in the Tamil film industry, and he plays the leading role in the movie Sardar. Karthi plays a dual role in Sardar as Agent Chandra Bose alias Sardar and his son Inspector Vijay Prakash. Chandra Bose – Sardar is the spy in this movie, while his son joins the secret agency at the end. The role of Karthi as a spy – Sardar, is described in the movie as a past event which Vijay reads from certain secret documents.

Sardar Movie Review: Sardar is a solid spy movie, nothing more nothing less

Sardar is a spy name given to Chandra Bose as a secret agent in RAW. Sardar, as a spy, lives as a commoner and tries to find secret information from Pakistan. He also learns about China’s secret plan to make India’s water source (pipeline) toxic. But his superior officer, in the craze for money, falsely makes him a national traitor and kills his family, except his son. But even in the end, as a spy, Sardar does not reveal his innocence and gets rid of a national threat. 

What can you expect from the movie Sardar?

Sardar is an excellent film with spy, action, thriller, and investigation genres. It is an exciting movie with many twists and suspense that will keep you entertained until the end. So you can expect nothing less from this movie than a perfect emotional spy drama – made realistically.

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